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Social Justice Symposium and Project HSC

The Social Justice Symposium and Project HSC Capstones are the benchmark projects for 10th and 12th grade students at HSC. 
The Social Justice Symposium asks students to select and then research a social justice issue that concerns them, synthesizing their work into a proposal for making a positive change. 
At the culminating event, these sophomore students invite community members to discuss the real life actions that, based on their research, our students recommend to address the problem. The community members provide feedback about the students' solutions by asking, "Are they feasible? Reasonable? What obstacles may they face when implementing the proposal? To whom can they turn to either further develop their argument or to help them further develop their proposal? What might they want to consider before taking the next step? To whom should they talk to in order to put their proposal into ACTION?" 
This year's symposium will be held in May. If you'd like an invitation, please reach out to [email protected] for further information. The more outside, community-based feedback our students get, the stronger their arguments will be! 
As seniors, our students may continue working on the issue they examined as sophomores for their Project HSC Capstone or they might research a different topic entirely. Either way, this final benchmark project requires students to build upon the hard and soft skills they've been learning throughout high school in order to make real change in their community. Students who need specific resources to bring their projects to life are able to apply for a Project HSC grant. 
Past Project HSC Capstones have included an award-winning safety program for a local pool, a mentoring program to promote self-esteem in younger students, an exploration of colorism, an original photography display promoting environmentalism, and more.