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Production Companies

By students for students!

At High School in the Community (HSC), our motto is "the small school for students who want to do big things." Students can turn our school motto from words to action is through Production Companies (ProCo), which are student-led, in-school clubs that allow HSC students to grow as leaders within our school community and beyond.  Students get to decide what they want the ProCo to be about and how they would like for their ProCo to be run.  Furthermore, students having the ability to make their own agendas for their clubs allows students to gain more confidence in themselves and work on their communication skills. Moreover, ProCo leaders learn to be less reliant on their teachers to help them get things done and more on themselves, because teachers are only there to support the students as leaders and to supervise club meetings.  Some of the ProCos that students have led in the past include photography, social justice issues, music production, environmental stewardship, and student council.  ProCos like Student Council help student leaders to work on their communication skills and advocacy skills by helping to drive school policy through working with building leaders and supporting other ProCos. Finally, ProCos help HSC students to see how much potential they have and how much greatness they can create as leaders. --Alyssa Findlay, Public Relations Manager for the HSC Council of Students, Class of 2022