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Summer School & Camp

Click here for the HSC Summer School permission form (no application necessary). If your child earned a 2 in any class, they should participate in this program. Students MUST earn credits to move to the next grade and to graduate on time. Credit is only earned with a 2.5 or above. 
If your child earned a 1 or a 1.5 in a class, they should apply to the NHPS summer school program using the application below. 
Students interested in participating in the HSC Summer of Fun program should register using this Google Form (click here). 
All HSC and NHPS summer programs are free of charge. 
New Haven Public Schools Device Insurance is now available here. If your child received a laptop or chromebook or will eventually receive a device, you can purchase this policy now.
Dear HSC Families,

Although working remotely is challenging, our teachers have created materials that will provide our students with meaningful learning experiences and allow them to continue moving forward with their classes. These materials are posted on Google Classroom, a free online app with which our students are all familiar. In addition to posted work, teachers will communicate with students on the Google Classroom “stream” and via comments on student work. 

Students can login using their school email ( and the same password they use to access our Chromebooks, Khan Academy, and their school GoogleDrives. All students know how to login to Google Classroom. 

All HSC staff email addresses are available on the directory page of our website, so please reach out if you need support or have questions.


If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you'll also find our HSC Parent/Student Guide on Remote Learning, Grading, Attendance, Counseling, & More, a comprehensive overview of programming and supports in English and Spanish.

Thank you for partnering with us as we strive to ensure that your child’s education is not interrupted even though school has been. 



  • Check your Google Classroom dashboard (click on the square made of 9 boxes in the upper right corner to access classroom)
  • Lessons, learning activities and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom
  • Be sure to check the stream and classroom tabs for all classes
  • Be sure to complete your daily assignments and submit assignments to your teachers through Google Classroom 

On going student assignments:

High school learning experiences from NHPS Board of Education 

A Note to our HSC Parents: GoogleApps use a minimum of data.  If you have an NHPS account, you can search for a teacher's Google Classroom; if not, you can ask your child to show his/her classroom dashboard and pages to you.

What to do if your student says his/her work is done?