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10th Grade


  • Sophomore year is all about owning high school and launching from the foundation created in 9th grade. Students should be expanding their "brand" by exploring interests, participating in extracurricular activities and discovering passions. 
  • All students take the PSAT in October.
  • Students can participate in the Future Project and WILD.
  • In November and March students lead their SLCs and continue to maintain a vibrant E Portfolio.
  • In December, students have an opportunity to apply for Wishbone summer program scholarships. 
  • In January and February students will complete the Do What You Are in Naviance. 
  • In April students will use the Naviance College Search to begin learning how to search for college information. 
  • In May students present their Social Justice Symposium projects at the SJS Fair.  
  • In June students complete a transcript review and prepare to transition to junior year. 
  • It is critical that students use the summer wisely.  You should be involved in programs, working and being productive with your time!