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11th Grade

  • Junior year is all about honing-in on a student's post-secondary plan; college, trade school, military or entry directly into the workforce. Students are asking themselves: What are the next steps that I need to take? What have I been doing to prepare for this and what do I still need to do for this to become a reality? What story does my transcript and resume tell?
  • Students are eligible to begin taking College Before College and AP level courses. 
  • In October, students and families are invited to attend College Financial Aid Night.
  • Also in October, all juniors take the PSAT for a second time to prepare for the SAT.
    • PSAT Prep is offered during Eagle Blocks for two weeks leading up to the test.
  • In November and March, students lead their SLC's and continue to maintain a vibrant E Portfolio. 
  • From January to April, Jess meets with juniors and their families. 
  • In February, a Junior College Kick Off Night is offered for students and families. 
  • In late March or Early April, all juniors take the Connecticut SAT test.
    • SAT prep is offered during Eagle Blocks for several weeks leading to the test.
  • Students are invited to participate in college tours and admissions representative visits at school throughout the year; they are encouraged to visit schools with their families. 
  • In Advisory, students complete Student Success Plan tasks through Naviance and our E Portfolio thought the year which include goal setting, resume writing and performing college searches. 
  • In May, juniors complete E Portfolio defenses. 
  • Juniors work on the first draft of their college essay during 4th marking period in English class.
  • In June, juniors are encouraged to take the SAT Subject tests.
  • Also in June, high achieving students are inducted int the National Honor Society.
  • It is critical that students use the summer wisely.  You should be involved in programs, working and being productive with your time!