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Personalized Learning

Mastery Based Learning
How does it work?

Instead of traditional letter grades, our students receive detailed reports about their progress on the content and skills addressed in their classes. Parents and students can access these reports on PowerSchool and receive regular overviews of student progress via progress reports and report cards. 

Click below for the answers to frequently asked questions about mastery-based learning.

Students must demonstrate mastery of content and skills before advancing in a course or moving to the next course.

Students will …
  • Learn through multiple pathways: traditional classroom, online courses/resources, extra time in the afternoon, and out of school experiences
  • Build on prior knowledge to develop a comprehensive understanding of new content
  • Engage in active debate over legal and social justice issues related to course content
  • Develop independent course-specific skills
  • Evaluate data and evidence
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and accurately
Mastery Performance Levels
4 – Exemplary
Student has proven expertise in course material and is ahead of course pace. Student is on track to finish this course and might move on to the next course level before the academic year has ended.
3.5 – Approaching Exemplary   
Student has proven some expertise in course material and is ahead of course pace.
3 – Competent 
Student has proven mastery through demonstration of quality work and has maintained course pace.   Currently on pace to earn credit.    
2.5 – Approaching Competency 
Although completed work may show mastery of skills, student is currently not on pace to complete material by the end of this academic year.  Successful completion of all course material is required for advancement.
2 – Emerging 
Student has developed some understanding, but has not demonstrated mastery of course content and skills.  Without additional academic support student is unlikely to finish course material by the end of the academic year. 
Student has completed some work demonstrating a beginning understanding of course content.  Student is not on course pace, and will require substantial academic support in order to reach mastery and complete course work by the end of the academic year. 
1 – Novice  
Student has demonstrated little or no understanding of course content and skills.  At current pace, student will not complete the course by the end of the academic year.